Cinnamon Bun Cookies

When I was little, my mother used to make 'pie dough cookies.' She took leftover pie dough, rolled it out, spread butter and cinnamon & sugar, rolled it up, cut slices and baked. That was some good stuff. Love the memory of it too. Thanks Mom.

Cinnabon fan?
Schedule time at the gym now so you can plan to sample several of these.
That's how delicious these cookies are: Cinnamon Bun Cookies.

Not made with pie dough, but the concept is the same as cinnamon rolls... vanilla cookie dough rolled out, sprinkled with cinn/sugar and rolled back up into a log. The log is then wrapped up and frozen. I froze mine overnight, but you could certainly freeze it for a longer period of time... or just a couple of hours might be ok too.

The log needs to be quite firm so that when you slice it- it's firm enough that it will maintain its round shape. Half inch cuts will produce about 2 dozen cookies.

My husband ate half a dozen of these before I could manage to tell him that there was icing to go on top (he defended his gluttonous actions by explaining that he consumed fewer calories). They were perfectly delicious without the icing, but the icing really turned them into 'wow' cookies.

The icing was delicious and did harden if made as directed, but I didn't like that it took away from the attractive, swirly nature of the cookie. I tried to thin it out a bit with additional whipping cream, but then the icing wouldn't harden. I'd make these again in a heartbeat, but would choose to drizzle this glaze with a bit of added cinnamon. That would give it a delicious icing and still maintain the visual appeal of the swirl.

I've made a lot of cookies. I've sampled a lot of cookies. And this is one of the better ones. We loved these cookies. When the mood for cinnamon rolls strikes...

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