Dulce de Leche Pumpkin- Toffee Pie

Clearly, I have an addiction. I seem to be managing to find numerous recipes that contain my favorite Mexican sweet. My latest find: Dulce de Leche Pumpkin- Toffee Pie.

This recipe came along at just the right time... I'm in need of something new to bring to Thanksgiving at my In-Law's house. Not being a huge lover of traditional pumpkin pie, I'm always looking to fancy it up so it doesn't taste so pumpkiny and plain.

The concept is simple really- just spread a layer of dulce de leche (canned or homemade) on the bottom of your crust. My crust is definitely nothing special- some frozen type. I've mentioned before my fear-of-crusts. Crust recipes have failed me time after time, and I truly avoid making them if it's at all possible.

Thankfully, this pie isn't about the crust anyways. The pumpkin filling is poured over the top.

It bakes up perfectly! I doubled the given recipe and was able to come up with three pies.

Surely you can spot that nice layer of dulce on the bottom of the pie. You get a little bit of that with every bite.

OH yeah. There it is up close. Creamy and delicious and rich... everything a Thanksgiving dessert should be.

Add whipped cream and a sprinkle of toffee bits to complete the look. The toffee bits offer a crunchy twist and pair nicely with the flavor of the caramel.

The pie is still rather pumpkiny for me. It definitely tastes like pumpkin pie with a little caramelly edge to it. Is it possible to find some sort of version of pumpkin pie that isn't really the norm? Let me know if you have suggestions for any that might fit that bill. I've still got some experimenting to do before I make my final decision for the big day.

This recipe (for those who do like pumpkin pie!) can be found HERE.

And if you're a toffee-lover, you might also like the pumpkin pie I tried out last year- it was rather excellent:
Pumpkin Pie with Toffee- Walnut Topping

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