Spiced Apple Buttermilk Waffles

I'm guilty... of occasionally buying frozen waffles at Costco. It's never my idea. I sometimes cave to incessant begging from my little one. But I find that the giant box of waffles tends to last forever, takes up my precious freezer space, and they really aren't even all that good. In fact, they rather stink.

Everyone deserves to eat something special for a Sunday Morning Breakfast. I have rather fond memories of homemade pancakes, waffles and Winchell's Donuts that my mother bestowed upon me as a child. Of course I take those fond memories and I'm passing those along to my own family (at least on Sundays).

Here's a fall weekend breakfast for your Sunday morning... Spiced Apple Waffles.

Tender chunks of apple crowd the insides of these buttery waffles, along with a good dose of pumpkin pie spice.

See all of those apples inside there? They bake up inside your waffle iron just like apple pie. Apple pie waffles work for me.

My family gobbled these up like it was the last breakfast I'd ever make. Maybe it was an extreme longing for something homemade over those cardboard-tasting frozen things. I managed to sneak a bit of the batter aside and make a few extra waffles to throw in the freezer. They do freeze nicely, and they warm up in the toaster just like those Eggo-type waffles (but much better, of course).

I vow to never buy frozen waffles again! Ok, well maybe never, but it's really just as easy to make up a bunch of these guys and freeze them than it is to get in the car, drive to Costco and store that gargantuan box in the freezer. At least I haven't been lured to buy frozen pancakes.

This recipe can be found HERE.