Scary Spiderweb Eggs

Oh, how I wish I had the creative mind of Martha. I have her energy. I have her ability to juggle many things at once. I share her enthusiasm for entertaining and her obsession with making things perfect. And I even have her 'blondish' hair.

Though I can follow directions very well, and I can manipulate an idea enough to make it mine, I don't quite have that Martha talent for coming up with those amazing ideas for decor and recipes on my own. So I rely on the real deal for inspiration. Here's a cutesie idea that Martha had for a Halloween Party appetizer: Spiderweb Eggs.

Her idea is simple, really. Hard boil some eggs with blueberries (known for their natural staining ability) to prep them for their web creations. The eggs will turn a light shade of gray.

Remove the eggs and whack them gently with the handle of a whisk- to create a nice 'crack.' Place the cracked eggs into a bowl and pour the blueberry cooking liquid over the top. Place the bowl in the fridge to give the tinted liquid a chance to do its magic, and let the eggs cool completely.

Gently peel the cooled eggs to reveal the spidery web that has been created under shell. The web will be a dark gray color, and and egg will NOT taste of blueberries in any way!

The result is a bunch of eggs looking rather spider-webby. Serve them up with a little dish of your favorite chunky salt. Martha recommends gray sea salt for a spookier pairing.

And don't forget to add some scary spiders!

I'm going to be a really cool Mom this week and slip these into my son's lunchbox with a couple of fake spiders tucked in there too. I wonder if Martha has thought of that one?

This recipe can be found HERE.

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