Candy Corn Cookies

Are you a fan of those waxy little Halloween candies known as candy corns? My family seems to find them addicting. I've bought several bags of the stuff (must be Brach's brand) for recipes this year and they keep disappearing. Here's a cookie recipe that copies the look of this candy: Candy Corn Cookies.

This is a really SIMPLE recipe that uses Betty Crocker pre-made cookie mix. You can ABSOLUTELY use your own very favorite homemade sugar cookie dough for this. I used this quickie method to try it out...

That's all you need...

The dough gets divided up into three clumps. Color one clump orange and another one with chocolate. Press the three layers into a loaf pan and refrigerate for a bit.

Slice the firmed-up loaf of dough into thin slices and then cut neatly into wedges.

Place your wedges onto a cookie sheet. Leave room to grow.

The finished product. Ok, so mine don't have yellow... they have brown instead. I suppose you could make a yellow layer instead of a chocolate layer if you really want them to match. But I have seen some candy corns with that brown layer too. And with these you get the added bonus of a little chocolate in your candy corn cookie.

If you're looking for a really delicious candy corn cookie, I'd mix up your best sugar cookie recipe and use that to create these cookies. The flavor in these was ok... but it definitely had that 'packaged mix' flavor and wasn't a big culinary flavor discovery or anything.

That being said, this is the perfect "bake-sale" cookie for a fall festival. And for that, the Betty Crocker mix works just fine. Tuck a few candy corns into a baggie with a couple of candy corn cookies, and it might just be a big seller!

And be sure to hide the candy corns from your family or they might begin to disappear!

This recipe can be found HERE.

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