Chocolate- Chip Pumpkin Spice Bars

If you're on the hunt for a fall dessert to feed a small crowd, this is it: Chocolate- Chip Pumpkin Spice Bars.

Use a fork to consume. You can see that they're really rather more like a cakey-bar than a hold-in-your-hand-and-firmly-grasp-it bar. But you can also tell from the pic that these are incredibly moist (happily so).

Cream cheese frosting tops these bars along with those darling little mini chocolate chips. The choc chips are also spotted throughout the cake with the chocolate flavor in the cake being subtle.

The teachers at my son's school were the recipients of this fall treat. Despite the fact that the treat came equipped with a little sign announcing its name, the teachers thanked me for the delicious carrot cake. I suppose it was reminiscent of carrot cake in its appearance with the cream cheese frosting and similar spice additions, but I was able to detect the pumpkin flavor without difficulty! We kept a few pieces and it was an easily devoured dessert in my house. Delicious.

This recipe can be found HERE.