Butterfinger Fans... I Give You Butterfinger BROWNIES!

I'm a sucker for recipes that utilize candy bars in one way or another. I've tried Milky Way Cake... it called for 8 full-size Milky Way bars. I swear that cake weighed about 5 pounds (it was awfully good though.) Hershey's Perfectly Chocolate Cake is another keeper... just one of those recipes that always turns out, well... 'perfect.' My son made a Snicker's Bar Pie for our County Fair last year. He won a blue ribbon with that decadent treat. And my absolute favorite Gelato recipe has chunks of Heath Bar swimming inside.

The task of finding a kid-friendly dessert for an event we attended was up to me. Since those candy-bar-type desserts are always a bit hit with others, I went a searchin' for a new one and I found it (thanks to Recipezaar).... Butterfinger Brownies!

Ok, so they're not really technically a "brownie." They're more like a blondie with lots of butterfinger chunks mixed in.

These were a HUGE hit at our event. The teenagers scarfed them down like crazy and were scampering after me asking where to find the recipe. By the time my husband reached the desserts, only crumbs were left on the butterfinger brownie platter. I had a bite of the scraps when I was cutting them into neat little squares, and found them to be mighty good scraps (and I'm not even much of a butterfinger fan.)

These 'brownies' are a definite repeater (but next time, I'll hide them from the teenagers!) Are there any more candy bar baked goods out there that I must try? I'll tuck them away for the next big event.

This recipe can be found HERE. And if this recipe sounds good, you might also enjoy Butterfinger- Chunk Cookies.