Lemon- Almond Cookie Brittle

This recipe has been tucked into my humongous cookie binder of magazine clippings for quite some time. It's one of those recipes that I've thought about often, and it's one where I felt I needed just the right opportunity to try it out. When the treat coordinator for my son's school emailed the other day to see if I'd bring goodies for a teacher meeting, I thought immediately of this recipe: Lemon- Almond Cookie Brittle. It seemed like it would be a good after- school treat.

The batter is spread into a large jelly-roll pan, topped with toasted almonds and baked until golden.

After letting it cool for a bit, the whole cookie just slips right out of the pan.

The cookie breaks apart easily. You can make the chunks as large or small as you'd like.

After breaking it into chunks, they get a quick dusting of powdered sugar.

Its flavor is reminiscent of almond pastry with a tinge of lemon. Perhaps a little bit like shortbread too. We snuck a few chunks for ourselves and brought the rest to the teachers. They enjoyed their "treat" immensely. We did too :)

This recipe can be found HERE.