Chocolate- Toffee S'More Cookies

Any campers in the audience?

Who doesn't love a good s'more?... It's a rhetorical question, really because what kind of person wouldn't enjoy this sticky, messy, gooey creation of the camping world? Slashfood published an article about the history of S'Mores- where they noted that although the first recipe for S'Mores was published in the Girl Scout Handbook of 1927, the official origin isn't really known. That being said, it has remained a favorite dessert for camping trips and beach bonfires for years now. And there are all kinds of take-offs on this simple graham cracker, melty marshmallow and chocolate bar dessert. I was excited to find a recipe for Chocolate - Toffee S'More Cookies.

This recipe was published in Gourmet magazine in the section where readers ask for the recipes from places they've been. Seattle-Tacoma airport has a little place called Dish D'Lish, and they sell these giant cookies to travelers who are looking for a treat.

Dough for these cookies is rolled into a thick log and refrigerated until very firm. It's cut into ten thick slices and baked up with a gooey marshmallowy topping. When I baked my test cookies, the marshmallow topping browned up waaaaaayyyy too much, so I modified D'Lish's recipe to include baking the cookie until it spreads a bit, and then adding the marshmallow topping. That worked much better.

I would have liked them to be a little prettier. They're kind of an ugly cookie, dontcha think? But don't let that uglyness fool you. These cookies are really great. Toffee bits are melted within the giant chocolate goodness, and then you get gooey marshmallow in every bite too. The recipe makes 10 giant cookies, exactly.

It was perfect for a little barbecue that I was going to at my college roommate's house. Her teenagers gobbled them all up in no time and praised me like I was some sort of goddess that was sent to their home. These were super-polite *dream* teenagers who did the dishes without being asked, and asked me- with genuine interest- about my life and my recipe site. I suppose that's another post topic, but it was delightful being around such nice kids. I cross my fingers and hope that my little one will grow up to be so sweet at that age.

So how about it? Are you in the mood for chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows? If so, this is an amazing cookie to try. And go for the giant ones... don't try to make this your regular, everyday normal-sized cookie. This cookie deserves more.

The S'Mores cookie recipe can be found HERE.

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