Buckwheat- Banana Pancakes

I was lucky enough to grow up with a Mom who often did special things for us kids on Sunday mornings. Pancakes, waffles and french toast come to mind. We also occasionally piled into our old green station wagon and made the trip to Winchell's Donuts, fighting over which multi-colored creations would fill the box of 12. I try to do the fun Sunday breakfast thing once in a while for my family, with the exception of the donut trips (I just can't seem to justify that one!)

Yesterday's Sunday morning treat was Buckwheat- Banana Pancakes, adapted from a Bittman recipe. I made a few with raspberries and blueberries too.
This is a very different pancake recipe. If you're looking for the typical dense pancake that you might find at your favorite breakfast place, this probably isn't it. Egg whites are whipped up and folded into the batter, which makes for a light and airy sort of pancake. I had never used buckwheat flour for pancakes before but I was pleased with the results. My kiddo thought they were awesome. My husband thought they needed to be a little sweeter (but this comes from a man who puts sugar atop his sugar cereals.) You can certainly adjust the amount of sugar that you add to the batter, but with all that syrup... it seems overkill.

So what do you think... do you feel like some pancakes?

This recipe can be found HERE.

*fyi... they carry buckwheat flour at Henry's/Wild Oats/Whole Foods (or any sort of well-stocked gourmet or health food market.)