Edamame Dumplings

I'm a "Happy Hour" kinda person. Though I'm not much of a drinky drink person, I won't turn down a well-made mojito or a fruit-laced margarita. But fill me with too much rum or tequila or any other hard stuff and I won't be having a very pleasant evening. So when five o'clock rolls around, I begin to get a hankering for a nice glass of pinot noir or a chilled glass of Viognier instead. Or an occasional beer... if it's the sort of day that requires an ice cold beverage.

The husband enjoys his occasional late-afternoon adult beverage as well. And he's usually the one asking me what sorts of appetizers I can whip up or dig out of the pantry. Not wanting to fill up before dinner, it's tough to come up with different lighter ideas to serve just two. I find that if I follow a Cooking Light appetizer recipe that serves 4, it meets our needs in serving the two of us!

Our appetizer choice as a prelude to our recent Asian-themed meal: Edamame Dumplings.

Made with won ton wrappers, these are pretty simple to whip up. Frozen edamame is processed with a small amount of spices and then plopped into the center of a wrapper.

Just as ravioli is made, the edges are rubbed with water and then folded over to contain the filling. I do another little rub of water along the edges of the folded dumpling- just to make sure that it's completely sealed. The dumplings are then browned and steamed in a skillet with a small amount of water.

Then they're reading for dipping... into a simple mix of green onions, soy sauce and honey. These steamed treats were perfect for happy hour. A lighter choice, and the filling was excellent with the sauce too. I enjoy popping edamame out its shell and eating it with a bit of sea salt, but I'm not one to make the frozen kind as a side dish. It worked in this dish though- as a quick-to-prepare appetizer. And the best part? Our six year old ate them too (since the green stuff was hidden inside the wrapper!)

With this happy hour we had a glass of Sauvignon Blanc... well, ok... two glasses.

This recipe can be found HERE.