Easter Dessert Recipes: Malted Mousse Cake

At age 14 I secured a job in a teeny tiny family-owned fast food restaurant called The Penguin in my home town. It was the kind of place you might stop to grab a burger and a chocolate-dipped cone while on vacation. My starting wage was $2.85 an hour. Yikes! I was happy to be employed, and we were able to eat as much food as we wanted. When the managers left us to close up the place at night, we feasted on our own burger creations, dipped thick steak fries in thousand island dressing, and devoured soft serve ice cream with every flavor syrup you can imagine. Heaven for teenagers, for sure! My absolute favorite was to make a vanilla malt- with extra malt powder. Twenty something years later, I still have that affection for malt.

Whenever Easter rolls around, I become quite addicted to these malted milk eggs!

My Easter dessert choice to bake this week: Malted Mousse Cake.

This cake is almost a cheesecake. It's a bit lighter in texture, and I'd say it's more like a cross between a mousse and a cheesecake. The malt flavor comes through- not heavily. Just enough to give you a taste for it, and the malted eggs add a nice complement (as well as cute decor!)

The crust is made out of shortbread cookies, almonds and butter. I used the girl scout shortbread cookies "trefoils." You may also opt to use amaretti cookies.

It firms up after refrigeration and slices nicely. Isn't it a cute choice for an Easter dessert?

This recipe can be found HERE.

The Penguin, sadly, no longer exists in my home town. But I sure am enjoying those malt memories!

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