Super Bowl Party Recipes

There's some big- time excitement about football around here with the San Diego Chargers in the playoffs on Sunday. Of course, we have to get past those pesky *perfect season* Patriots but we're all remaining optimistic. In any case, I've had football party food on the mind for a while now as we've been thinking ahead to Superbowl. We had friends over last weekend for the nail-biting game where the Chargers managed to get past the Colts. I served up three recipes for the game that were perfect for football. Cooking Light's December issue included this recipe: Alabama Pulled Pork Sandwiches with White Barbecue Sauce. After reading some discussion about this recipe on the CL bulletin board, I decided to go for it. Included in the recipe are sweet potato biscuits, which serve as the bread for the sandwich. Unlike other pulled pork recipes, this recipe uses tenderloin and is simmered for a short hour in a spiced-up marinade before the pork is then pulled apart.

The white barbecue sauce is something that I've never seen before. The tangy sauce was basically salt-and-peppered mayonnaise mixed with vinegar and a splash of lemon juice. I was a bit apprehensive about the sauce as it just didn't sound all that good to me. The funny thing is... the sauce was singled out by my guests as "really good." It did work with the pork and the biscuits. This was one scrumptious little sandwich (all who were present agreed.)

I set up the pork, sauce and biscuits on a self serve platter. Some ate the pork by itself with the biscuits on the side, and others put it all together into little sandwiches.

In my effort to locate an appropriate side-dish to the pulled pork sandwiches, I settled on America's Test Kitchen's Creamy Buttermilk Cole Slaw. This one was a delightful change from the mayo based coleslaws that I've typically made. One party go-er who "has never cared for coleslaw" remarked, "Wow! This is really good stuff."

Hmmmm.... dessert for the football party? What can I do with a pile of butterfinger candy bars?? Make Butterfinger- Chunk Cookies, of course!

These were those kind of cookies where you couldn't possibly have just one! I had wished that the chopped pieces of butterfinger would remain in chunks within the baked cookie, but instead they melted into the cookie. Still good. Yummm.

I have more Superbowl Party recipes HERE.

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