Honey- Glazed Chicken Wings

A Super Bowl Party isn't a SuperBowl party without some sort of chicken wings, right? My absolute favorite are the deep fried type buffalo wings dipped in gobs of blue cheese. Can't even think about those this year though. In fact, I might as well just forget those even exist since I intend to avoid evil, deep-fried foods for a good, long while!

Here's an easy crockpot-style recipe that we enjoyed during the playoffs this year: Honey- Glazed Chicken Wings (not health food by any means, but certainly not fried either!)

The How To:

Costco and Sam's Club both sell big packages of chicken wings for a good price. First off... how to trim the chicken wings.

Cut off the tips of the wings. You can do this with a sharp knife (or kitchen shears). Toss the tips or save them to make chicken stock. Store them in the freezer if you don't feel like making chicken stock right now.

You'll probably need kitchen shears to snip the other part- this will give you a little leg and a little wing (the two parts you'll use in your recipe).

This is what you'll be needing for the recipe. Nothing exotic.

After the wings are trimmed, the recipe couldn't be simpler. Chicken is placed into the crockpot and salt & peppered well.

The marinade ingredients are whisked together and poured on top of the chicken. It simmers all day in the crockpot. I was afraid that simmering them too long would make the chicken fall apart, so I let them simmer for 4 hours, and then I took them out, drained them a bit and finished them in the oven. The oven also dried them out a bit too so they weren't so wet for picking up and eating. You can also choose to do the whole thing in the oven in lieu of the crockpot.

The result was delicious, sweet-flavored wings. If you want them spicy, add additional cayenne pepper. Perfect for Super Bowl. Hate football? Have a party anyway. It's a good excuse to have friends over.

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