Magic in the Middles

In need of a little peanut butter fix, I whipped these up recently from KA Cookie Companion:
Magic In the Middles. They're a chocolate cookie with peanut butter 'magic' in the middle.

Chocolate and peanut butter doughs are made separately.

A scoopful of chocolate dough is flattened out and wrapped around gobs of rolled pb dough.

The resulting chocolate ball (with hidden pb) is then rolled in sugar...

And then flattened slightly with the sugared bottom of a glass. The peanut butter middle stays nicely tucked inside.

See that lovely layer of peanut butter hiding inside?

These are a sturdy cookie- not like delicate little flowers- but not crunchy. They freeze very well! Slip them into ziplocs or a covered container, and they're fresh as can be when defrosted. They're also a good one for mailing.

If you'd like to make them more 'Christmasy' for holiday baking, try rolling them in green or red sugar instead of white.

This recipe can be found HERE.

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