Cupcakes at Ninety Three

Do you wish to live until the ripe-old-age of Ninety Three? I'd say if you make it that far, you've lived a good, long life. I can only hope that I'll be living well into my nineties, still cooking up a storm, food blogging with ninety-three-year-old wisdom, and basking in the joy of numerous grandchildren. And I would still like someone to make me a cupcake on my 93rd birthday.

And I'd say it should have loads of chocolatey frosting on it. No store-bought mixes please. Devil's Food Cupcakes will do.

Sprinkles are a bonus. And one candle will suffice.

If someone wants to take the time to give me a party, that would be nice. I should like to celebrate longevity and sample simple and exotic foods that have sustained me in my long life. I'd want plenty of my old-timer friends and family to join me in the celebration.

Our Monsignor friend turned 93 last weekend, and my hubby took him to dinner. He wanted to bring along a little dessert to share, so I sent a variety of these Devil's Food Cupcakes. Monsignor has lived a fabulous, long life filled with faith, charity and people. He was even the chaplain of the football team for a major university and has authored a book. I'd say that's a life well-lived. I can only be so lucky...

This recipe can be found HERE.

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