Grilled Chicken with Lemon and Oregano

Here's a great chicken recipe... moist and flavorful and all that good stuff: Grilled Chicken with Lemon and Oregano. This recipe comes from Martha Stewart's EveryDay Food magazine. If you're not familiar with this publication, it's really a pretty good one... filled with simple recipes that have few ingredients. I've tried a bunch and I'm usually quite pleased with the outcome (this coming from someone who usually picks more difficult recipes that have a list of ingredients a mile long)!

We grilled it up at our beach house on the 'ol charcoal grill. Use boneless breasts or those with bones and skin... whatever you prefer to marinate. Just make sure the grill is heated up pretty well before you put the chicken on. If it has to grill too long, you'll end up with burnt, dry chicken.

One little trick that I usually do when I'm grilling chicken is to transform the breasts into even thickness by pounding the heck out of them with my meat mallet. That eliminates problems with uneven cooking, and the chicken usually has a better shot at remaining moist and tender.

A nice, little addition to this one is grilled lemons. They become soft and juicy, and the lemon flavor mellows a bit to add a good drizzle to the grilled chicken.

The chicken is good on its own or sliced up and placed on top of greens.

Vacation recipes are over :( Now it's time to start sharing my at-home cooking again. Guess I better get cookin'!

This recipe can be found HERE.