Buster Bars

Is your house heat-drenched this summer? Are you trying to avoid using that oven because you don't wish to add to the misery? Here's a no-bake frozen dessert that you will have a tough time not eating.

Are you familiar with Dairy Queen? These were a popular treat from DQ: Buster Bars.

I think they've phased out a lot of the Dairy Queen franchises. There are a couple of DQ's that I know of in San Diego, and I have no idea if they still carry Buster Bars. But now you can make your own!

I found myself sneaking little slices of this throughout the day. It's just a satisying mouthful when the humidity and heat are too much to bear. And it's a great dessert to have in the freezer when relatives and friends drop by unexpectedly (if you have any of those kind!)

This recipe can be found HERE (and it couldn't be any easier!!)