Strawberry and White Chocolate Mousse Tart

Strawberries! They're in season and easy to locate just about everywhere right now... red, ripe, juicy and ready to be used up before they turn to mush. This oh-so-fab dessert is a little fancy, but it was an excellent choice to end our Gourmet Club's dinner party.

Behold the Strawberry and White Chocolate Mousse Tart!... an older recipe from Bon Appetit.

The crust is a buttery, sugary sort. Rather good, I should add. **WARNING** Don't remove a tart pan from the oven with one hand while you're talking on the phone with the other. The crust pops right out the top and splats on the floor. Yes, this really happened... I made my crust twice. And got a nice, crisp burn mark across my wrist from frantically trying to save it. Cook and learn, huh?

The mousse is a light and airy layer of whipped cream mixed with melted white chocolate. An oldie but goodie, this tart takes a day and a half to create- make the crust and filling one day, let it set a good 24 hours, then top with strawberries right before serving.

By the time we cut into this, everyone had consumed quite a bit of wine....thus the blurry picture. (But we think we remember that we liked it.) Just kidding, of course. It was very good. My friends were impressed.

So if you're looking for a way to use up all those strawberries, or if you need an impressive dessert for an event, this is a good one to try (with both hands.)

And if you have one of those places where you can actually go and pick your own strawberries, you should definitely go that route. It's quite fun, and you'll feel that-much-better about your end product. (All that work that you spent slaving away in the fields... and no one had to consume any gas to transport your strawberries!) I say that after spending over $100 on a tank of gas today. Crazy.

This recipe can be found HERE.