Crustless Spinach and Cheese Quiche

"What's for lunch?" I pretty much hate that question. I don't mind creating dinner for a crowd, whipping up waffles for breakfast, or excessive bouts of baking, but for some reason I do not enjoy cooking up lunch. I'm completely content with a quick pb&j so I can get on with my day. But if the family is around, they like me to cook... or at the very least build some sort of sandwich for them. I usually comply. Begrudgingly.

I don't often feel inspired to make new lunch creations. But as I was browsing Cookie Madness the other day, I noticed that Anna had taken a detour from cookies and posted about a quiche. An unusual thing happened- I felt inspired to make lunch! Specifically, I was inspired to make her Crustless Spinach and Cheese Quiche.

I followed Anna's recipe with some minor changes: I added more spinach, I used reduced-fat feta, and I added a little more Parmesan.

This quiche baked up wonderfully. With four cheeses swimming within, we didn't miss the crust.

Letting the quiche sit for a few minutes ensured that the pie would firm up enough to make some nice, clean slices. I served it up with a big, green salad.

And since I went to all that trouble to make a nice lunch, and since it was a rainy day and we were all snuggled inside, wine seemed like an obvious choice to accompany our meal. The quiche was excellent, the salad was refreshing, and the wine made me sleepy.

So you see, when inspired... I can accommodate. The hubby is happy and pleasantly full. And all is well at lunchtime. Thank you to Anna for the recipe, which can be found HERE.

I know that the dreaded question will be looming overhead again tomorrow, but I'll be ready... with peanut butter in one hand and jelly in the other.

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