Strawberry- Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding

Yes, you read that title correctly. Strawberry- Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding. Now, can you say that again without drool coming out of left-hand corner of your mouth?

I've been dreaming about strawberries ever since Mike decided to hold a blog event called Strawberry Seduction. He's been sending food blog readers into swoonsville with countless delicious posts on his own blog (Mike's Table) that involve this sweet and satisfying fruit.

Strawberries are so *pretty* that they usually make for a good blog post as nicely shot photos exude deep shades of red and hint strongly of the coming summer season.

When you cook strawberries, however, they're not nearly as pretty!!!

I made this bread pudding with the suggested challah bread (but you can use any.) It's typical of bread pudding in that it's creamy and not low fat by any means. A mere sprinkle of mini chocolate chips adds to the flavor and combines with the strawberries nicely. The recipe also calls for slivered almonds. I thought they were good, but my husband scoffed at the mere thought of putting nuts into bread pudding. (Though he didn't have any trouble devouring the finished product!)

I brought this dessert to a recent family neighborhood party (an excuse to eat shared dishes and drink wine.) The bread pudding was chilled and then cut into nice, firm wedges and served at room temperature. The men were more drawn to it than the women... I think because the women know how truly fattening bread pudding really is! All enjoyed it though it's best eaten the day that it's made.

And here's a little peek at our strawberry plants that are already sprouting strawberries! Yay! Now, if I can just keep the critters away!!

This recipe originated from a cookbook called, Cooking for a Crowd, and the recipe can be found HERE.