Portobello Mushroom Burgers

In the cookbook where I found this recipe for Portobello Mushroom Burgers, the author suggests that "portobello mushrooms are so meaty that many people mistake them for beef." Hmmm. Wonder if that would work on the kiddo?

A conversation ensued:

Kiddo: Mom, what's for dinner tonight?
RG: Burgers.
Kiddo: Yay!!

They looked like beef burgers. The mushrooms are chopped up finely and blended with onion, garlic, breadcrumbs and egg whites. Would I be able to pass them off as hamburgers? Would my normally mushroom-adverse son gobble these down like there's no tomorrow? I topped his with a thick slice of melted provolone and left off the lettuce and tomato.

(my foodie son took a bite)

Kiddo: Mom, did you put mushrooms in these burgers?
RG: Why? Do you like them?
Kiddo: No. Are There Mushrooms in them?
Mom: Yes. But they're good. You'll like them. They taste just like regular burgers.
Kiddo: No they don't.
Mom: Well, that's what's for dinner, so eat up.

(he ate the whole burger)

We thought these were delicious. They didn't taste like regular burgers, by any means. They tasted as they should... like portobello mushroom burgers.

My hubby did want to find some other things to munch on after dinner because he said having veggies for dinner wasn't "filling" enough. Hmmm.... perhaps I should have tried passing these off as hamburgers to him as well.

(By the way, they were completely filling-enough for dinner for me, but next time I would add some oven-baked fries to fill up hubby.)

This recipe can be found HERE.