A Slice of Life in Sunny San Diego

Ah... there is nothing like a beautiful perfect weekend in Southern California! While the rest of the world may be in the midst of end-of-winter storms or blah rainy days, the sun is shining brightly upon us. So I invite you to see what most days look like in San Diego, and what one family of San Diegans might do on such a breathtaking day...

After spending the afternoon planting herbs and washing the cars, the RecipeGirl family hopped into the weekend convertible and headed to the beach to search for... Mexican food! Lately this has been starting to sound like a Mexican food blog! Not to worry... we do love our share of tacos and burritos, but I will get back to blogging about other foods eventually! Sunny day in San Diego = perfect time to grab Mexican food.

Our favorite place is nothing fancy- Roberto's in Del Mar. My husband has been coming to this place for the last 24 years. It must be good if it's been in business that long, no? Don't you love how the sign says Very Mexican Food? I'm not quite sure what that means, but they have the good stuff. We ordered shrimp burritos, chips and guac and a quesadilla for the kiddo. And a trip to Roberto's would not be complete without an order of rolled tacos with guacamole. This is pretty much a weekly staple in every San Diegan's diet (or at least a once-in-while chow- down treat.) I know it doesn't look like much, but trust me... YUM!

Our view from the deck of the Mexican food shack...

A Mexican meal just doesn't seem complete without a margarita, but at a little place like this, there aren't any adult beverages to be found.

So we went home and made our own: Old Town Margaritas.

And that recipe can be found HERE.

A perfect ending to a perfect day :)

Hasta Manana!

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