King Arthur Flour's Superdoodles !

Need another good cookie recipe? These are for snickerdoodle fans. Superdoodles are basically snickerdoodles with a little extra somethin'...

The extra somethin' is cinnamon chips. You can find these (sometimes) at your local grocery store in the baking aisle. They're made by Hershey's, so if your store doesn't carry them, ASK THEM TO ORDER THEM!! They're worth trying. And grocery store managers are usually willing to accommodate their customers. If you absolutely can't find them on your own, King Arthur Flour's website sells cinnamon baking chips too.

These cookies are shaped into balls (no need to chill the dough), rolled in cinnamon-sugar and flattened with a glass bottom.

They also get a very slight sprinkle of cinnamon after baking, and if you shake it on while they're still hot, it sinks in to the warm cookie and won't brush off.

So if you're a fan of regular snickerdoodles, you may want to consider giving these a try. Those cinnamon chips just add another blast of cinnamony flavor that puts them into the "Wow, these are good cookies!" category.

The Superdoodles recipe can be found HERE.