The Flowers are Blooming, Asparagus are on Sale, and a Spring Pasta Dish!

Today was the epitome of Spring in San Diego. Not a cloud in the sky. And flowers blooming like crazy! So I grabbed my camera and went on a *flower-walk* this afternoon. Here are some flowers that I spied on my walk...

Many people don't think of San Diego as desert, but you can tell by the photos that we do have some desert flowers that are native to our fair city.

Now- on to FOOD. Eager to make a Spring-like dinner, I scurried off to the store in search of asparagus for my chosen dish: Angel Hair Pasta with Spring Vegetables & Red Pepper- Tomato Sauce. Bargain in the produce department... Asparagus were only a buck ninety nine a pound! Yay!!

A great, fresh pasta that had *spring* written all over it. My son picked around all of the veggies, but he didn't seem to notice that I snuck veggies into the Red Pepper- Tomato Sauce. Hee hee hee.

We served it up with a good sprinkle of freshly grated Parmesan and a good shake and grind of salt & pepper. It was a perfectly light dish for such a beautiful Spring day.

And to those of you who are still experience a bit of snowfall, may I send a little warm weather your way?

This recipe can be found HERE.