Thursday, February 28, 2008

Quick Chicken Corn Chowder

1. Rainy, wet day.
2. Hungry family.
3. Wanted something hot and comforting.
4. Didn't feel much like cooking.

This soup was the perfect choice: A super quick (on the table in less than 30 minutes) Cooking Light recipe for Chicken Corn Chowder. And as an added bonus... it was low fat too!

This recipe takes some liberties that might make a few "foodies" cringe... frozen corn... and even (yikes) a can of cream style corn. Are you still with me?? I don't cook with a lot of shortcuts very often, but canned and frozen corn don't frighten me, so this one sat ok with me. My local grocery store (Albertson's) even carries great fresh roasted chicken breast (not the whole chicken, but just a big hunk of white meat), and I used that for this soup. Even easier! Am I redeemed by the fact that I did use freshly chopped thyme?

The fresh thyme in the soup matched nicely with my freshly baked Salted Thyme Flatbread. Can you tell I like thyme? It grows like weeds in our backyard year-round and I'm enamored with the flavor. I chop it up and throw it in everything!

The verdict: This simple soup was actually rated as "restaurant quality" by my family. It serves 6, but it was gone with only three of us. The kiddo liked his with a sprinkle of shredded cheese in it. He picked the fresh thyme off of his bread (rolling eyes here) and dunked away.

I recommend it as a great family soup recipe, especially for a rainy day!

This recipe can be found HERE.
(nutritional information included)


ilingc said...

I'm not afraid of frozen and canned sweet corn ;) In fact, they're one of the few things I always have in the pantry for days I don't feel like doing much cooking :)

Rosie said...

Great comfort soup with fantastic ingredients of chicken & corn - mmmm I always have a can of sweetcorn in my cupboard too ;D

Rosie x

ali said...

Recipe Girl, frozen corn is a staple in my freezer .... love it! this soup looks wonderful.

and that thyme flat bread is really making me wish i had some flour on hand. soon enough i'll get my kitchen in order.


Kevin said...

That creamy chicken and corn chowder looks and sounds really good!