Saturday, February 9, 2008

Chocolate Valentine's Day Cookies

With Valentine's Day approaching, I'm beginning to think about goodies that I'd like to bake and share. The next few days will be all about Valentine desserts on The Recipe Girl blog. This morning I made these Chocolate Snaps, which are a roll-out cookie recipe that I chose to make into hearts. These would be delicious on their own as they're a chocolaty, crispy, thin cookie. A small basket of these with a nice selection of tea would make a sweet gift for a teacher. Or, spread on a bit of pink frosting and put two together to make some really cute sandwich cookies!

Originally from KA's Cookie Companion, this recipe calls for Dutch-process cocoa powder, which gives you a dark, more chocolaty cookie. I used regular old unsweetened cocoa and then added a 1/2 tsp. of black food coloring to get the dark color in my heart cookies. It doesn't make them black... just a nice dark shade of brown.

Another idea for these wafer-type cookies... cut out shapes and then stick them on the sides of a frosted cake to make a really pretty added decor.

These heart cookies will be used to accompany the Red Velvet Cupcakes that I'm preparing for tomorrow's blog post. The Recipe Girl's kitchen is baking away for Valentine's Day!

This recipe can be found HERE.


Joe said...

I think someone else has been checkin' out the lastest BH&G Magazine! ;-) I will end up doing some version of red velvet cupcakes this week as well!

Hendria said...

love your blog. I just found you this evening. The photos are amazing. :)

Anonymous said...

They're cute as a button!

RecipeGirl said...

Hi Joe- Thanks for stopping by. Yep, I was checkin' out the latest BH&G!

Hendria- Thank you- that means a lot :)

Carol- Thanks!