Thursday, January 24, 2008

Slow Roasted Plum Tomatoes

For one of those days when you haven't got anything better to do...

I discovered this recipe for Slow Roasted Plum Tomatoes while browsing through my Legal Seafoods Cookbook. They have great seafood recipes too, but this was the one that jumped out at me.

I love tomatoes. I usually buy the vine-ripened kind or the large beefsteak tomatoes that are delicious with just salt and pepper and a drizzle of olive oil. Almost never will I purchase the Roma variety- just not as much flavor there. This recipe uses Roma (plum) tomatoes, and my pathetic local market carried some beautiful red, unblemished ones in the middle of January!

Slice the tomatoes in half and place them in a non-reactive pan (like a pyrex).

Drizzle a little olive oil and sprinkle with dried thyme.

Scatter peeled garlic cloves.

Spoon balsamic vinegar onto the tomatoes.

Bake at a low heat... for a long time. The end result... an enjoyable side dish to fish (or meat). We had these with the calamari that I blogged about yesterday. Was the all-day cooking venture worth it? Yes. It actually was a very easy dish to prepare. You just need to be home to eyeball it, and be patient. Enjoy!

This recipe can be found HERE.


Kevin said...

Oven roasted tomatoes are so good! Nice photos.

chiffOnade said...
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Cindy. Lo. said...

I can feel the juice splashing out when I bite into the tomatoes already!

Caron said...

Another thing you can do with roasted tomatoes is make them the base for a roasted tomato soup. Ina Garten has a wonderful recipe for this in one of her Barefoot Contessa books, which I, in turn, use as the base for cioppino. Roasting the tomatoes adds such an amazing depth of flavor.

RecipeGirl said...

Kevin & Cindy.lo- thanks for stopping by!

Caron- I'll look for Ina's tomato soup recipe. Sounds great, and I've not yet made cioppino (it's on my list of things-to-try!)

Terri C said...

These are awesome!! Nice photos and blog.

Peter M said...

Lori, I see you've also discovered how yummy these roasted tomatoes can be.