King Arthur Flour: Brown Sugar - Cinnamon Biscotti

Introducing a recipe worth trying from King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion: Brown Sugar Cinnamon Biscotti.

You'll need cinnamon baking chips. Ever heard of 'em? As you can see, Hershey's makes them. King Arthur Flour also sells them online. The only grocery store that I've seen carrying the cinnamon chips is Albertsons. If your market doesn't carry them but does carry other Hershey's chips, you might consider asking the management if they'll order them. Often times they're willing to accommodate customers. These chips are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G in baked goods. They're worth searching for.

Here's the how-to:

Beat up the butter with sugar, vanilla, salt and baking powder until smooth and creamy. Then beat in the eggs.

Mix in the flour, cinnamon and chips. The dough will be pretty darn sticky. Carefully dump it onto a parchment- lined baking sheet and shape it into a 14x2-inch log (it helps if you wet your hands a little bit.) I studded a few extra cinnamon chips in the top of the log (so that the finished biscotti would yield a few that would be visible on top). Stick that log in the oven for the 1st bake.

Here's the baked log. Don't worry about the cracks- they're supposed to be there.

Here's the strange part. King Arthur asks you to spray the baked log with a fine mist of water. The reasoning behind this is that it will make the slicing much easier (without crumbling). They were right. It sliced up easily enough with a serrated bread knife. It won't be the end of the world if you don't have the equipment available to spray the biscotti with water. Just be really, really careful when cutting the log or you might end up with a crumbly mess.

But wait... they're not finished!! You bake them again!

And here's the finished product! A nice and crispy cookie. I liked these a lot because A... they were not *hard as a rock* biscotti. If you prefer them that way, you might consider baking them an extra 5 or 10 minutes. And B... the whole family LOOOOOVED the cinnamon chips hidden inside! My husband noted that the house smelled like cinnamon toast, and my son just said the kitchen smelled "yummy." Good enough for me.

They make good coffee dunkers too :)

This recipe can be found HERE.