Cappuccino Brownies

Ooo... La La!

Cappuccino Brownies... a decadent, gooey and chocolatey brownie, a cinnamon- tainted cream cheese layer that is rich and creamy, and topped with a fudgy, glossy glaze. Originally from Gourmet, this one's a keeper for sure. Stay tuned for how to make this evil treat...

You'll need instant espresso powder. It's not always easy to find. If you've got a market that tends to carry a good variety of things, you might find it in the coffee aisle. If you have a tough time locating it, it's ok to use instant coffee and just make it extra strong.

When making bars or brownies, it's so much easier to handle them and cut them if you line your pan with parchment paper. If you just spray the pan (and it's ok if you do), it can be difficult to get a nice cut on the brownies because you have to dig them out.

Heat chocolate, butter and espresso until smooth and melted.

After the melted chocolate has had a chance to cool down a bit, whisk in the sugar and vanilla, and then the eggs.

Stir in flour and salt, and then pour into the prepared pan. Bake it up, and then let it cool.

Whip up the cream cheese mixture and spread it onto the cooled brownie layer. Simply melt the glaze layer in a microwave- safe container.

Drizzle glaze on the cream cheese layer and gently spread evenly with a spoon.

CHILL the brownies for about 3 hours until everything is nice and cold and firm. Here's where that parchment comes in handy... pull out the brownies and peel off the parchment. Take a large knife and cut those chilled brownies into squares of desired-size. Small squares are recommended as these are rich little bites of decadence.

This recipe can be found HERE.

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