Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Best of 2007: Appetizers

Welcome to my Blog! I figured January 1st was as good a time as any to start a fun, new venture. With the RecipeGirl.com site up and running and getting great traffic, I decided to dive into the world of blogging about my adventures in the world of food.

I prepared something like 300 new recipes this year, so I thought it would be nice to venture back and choose the best, most-remembered, most-worthy-of-repeating recipes of 2007. Here goes...

I'll chat a bit about APPETIZERS today...

A fun summer appetizer was a good one from Cooking Light- Bruschetta with Peach Salsa and Melted Brie. It just had *summer* written all over it, and it was a great appetizer for a barbecue we had with friends. The married flavors of sweet fresh peaches and melted brie work very well together.

A most popular recipe on my site in the fall was Goat Cheese Truffles with Spicy Maple Pecans. These were a most unique appetizer- basically just little balls of goat cheese with a little salt & pepper and then rolled in the most amazing sweet pecans. The leftover pecans were terrific in salads too.

I brought Asian Lettuce Wraps to a friend's house for dinner one evening last summer. The meat mixture was slightly sweet and very flavorful. I'd be happy having this one for dinner. They were a big hit, and it was a fun one because you get to wrap your own. The kids thought it was cool too.

This recipe for Crostini with Gorgonzola, Caramelized Onions and Fig Jam is one that has looked intriguing to me for a long time. I'm a bit aversive to figs as I grew up with a Swedish grandmother who *lovingly* made me fig cookies that I absolutely could not eat! I cheated a little on this recipe by using purchased fig preserves instead of preparing the homemade fig jam in the recipe. They were still delicious. I just may have to give figs another try...

I just made Pepperoni Dip the other day, which was terribly addicting. I've often seen this recipe around on the internet and can't believe I haven't whipped this one up before. It's kid-friendly, and it would make a great dip for a Superbowl party!

2007 was a terrific year of feeding friends and family, and the numerous cocktail parties, barbecues, and happy hours were great opportunities to try out new recipes!

I plan to continue my "best-of 2007" series interspersed with the usual cooking adventures!


Erika W. said...

Nice blog Recipe Girl! That pepperoni dip looks like heaven!


Michelle said...

Welcome to the world of blogging, Recipe Girl! So glad to have another one to visit.
As for the figs, do give them another try. How lucky you were to grow up with these. I often tease my neighbor that I just might hijack the small bounty from her prized fig tree. I just might have to grow my own.

Your photos are delicious!


Cate said...

The Asian Lettuce Wraps are definitely one of my favorites - yum-o.

RecipeGirl said...

Thanks for the nice comments everyone! Glad you came by the check it out. Erika- I'm trying hard to be a fig- fan!!